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Grassroots funded projects

The Alberta Blue Cross® COVID Community Roots Program is now closed. Thank you to everyone who applied for our grant in an effort to help your community navigate a difficult time. We are proud to have supported many passionate communities over the last three years.


In 2022, we received 178 applications and allocated almost $150,000 to 50 communities across Alberta.

Awarded funds to run craft-making workshops for young mothers to connect with their culture and socialize.

Awarded funds to create a community garden and encourage sustainable gardening.

Awarded funds to provide food for healthy meal making classes.

Awarded funds to purchase weekly prizes for a walking and jogging challenge.

Awarded funds to develop the trail system to encourage more people to be active, gather and connect.

Awarded funds to create and maintain a community garden to support healthy living and increase social interactions.

Awarded funds to facilitate family events over the summer to enhance family relationships.

Awarded funds to support cooking classes on healthy eating and basic cooking skills while also providing food for the classes.

Awarded funds to purchase equipment for beach volleyball and baseball to get the youth involved in positive physical engagement opportunities.

Awarded funds to create a community garden and support addictions therapy.

Awarded funds to purchase play kits, fund a summer play program, provide child development information and connect with local services and programs to help children socialize.

Awarded funds to facilitate outdoor programming and purchase activity kits to bring people together for fun.

Awarded funds to purchase and install an outdoor ping pong table for community use.

Awarded funds for afternoon summer activities including games, crafts and gardening.

Awarded funds to purchase wellness and active living programming equipment.

Awarded funds to provide seniors and persons with disabilities with healthy, fresh food by upgrading the old raised garden beds.

Awarded funds to assist in administering programs for community members suffering from isolation.

Awarded funds for events, workshops and programming dedicated to increasing community connectivity.

Awarded funds to support recreational activities for children in an inclusive, non-competitive environment.

Awarded funds to promote health and well-being, reduce isolation and enrich lives by connecting with individuals through music.

Awarded funds to make creative activities accessible to isolated seniors by purchasing materials and skilled instruction.

Awarded funds to purchase adaptive physical education equipment to make current programs and activities accessible to all individuals.

Awarded funds to create pathways that connect to the downtown core and establish nature trails to encourage people to get outside.

Awarded funds to rebuild library programming and encourage people to visit the library.

Awarded funds to increase diabetes awareness through a community diabetes walk.

Awarded funds to host zumba and yoga classes alongside other activities to bring people together safely.

Awarded funds to purchase raised garden boxes, learning support, seeds and tools to support isolated adults in low-income housing.

Awarded funds to support a weekly program welcoming children to interact with one another in a safe space where they can create art, play piano, complete homework or visit.

Awarded funds to support art and craft classes, fund raised gardening plots, teach canning and purchase canning and dehydrating supplies.

Awarded funds to organize summer events for youth to interact with one another.

Awarded funds to provide a platform for connection to rebuild community relationships.

Awarded funds to support the creation of a targeted outdoor play and learning space for toddlers rooted in nature.

Awarded funds to continue giving families sensory kits, baking kits, gardening kits and other child-friendly activities to allow family bonding.

Awarded funds to improve access to materials and technology for seniors by expanding the library’s collection and providing programming to introduce seniors to technology.

Awarded funds to create literacy kits for young children to have fun while improving their language development.

Awarded funds to build raised garden beds, create accessible seating in the food forest and provide resources and supplies for summer programming.

Awarded funds to help build a firepit in the community gathering area, continue garden construction, map out the food forest and begin a community composting project.

Awarded funds to help individuals join the community through physical activity and learning how to nurture their health and well-being in positive ways.

Awarded funds to support program activities including connecting community members to local growers, cooking classes and events at the farmers’ market.

Awarded funds to purchase a sit-down recumbent bicycle and a helmet to support a bicycle riding group.

Awarded funds to support a program that creates meals and teaches sustainable food production methods.

Awarded funds to support community members with dementia and their caregivers by combining physical activity and mental stimulation in a social environment.

Awarded funds for a coordinator to engage volunteers and purchase supplies for volunteers to knit, sew, crochet and quilt items the community needs.

Awarded funds to create a community garden that will encourage individuals to be active and support their mental health.

Awarded funds for their Pow Wow Club which allows youth to learn about their culture and exercise through dance while learning from Elders how to make hand drums.

Awarded funds to purchase an e-scooter to encourage community members to learn a new skill and go outdoors.

Awarded funds to purchase equipment for floor curling to better support the physical and mental health of seniors.

Awarded funds to install a frisbee golf course to encourage outdoor activity and support mental health.

Awarded funds to purchase outdoor equipment for different outdoor physical activities and sports to allow connection after years of isolation.

Awarded funds to purchase sporting and games equipment to add to a loaning program so community members can reconnect through recreational activities.


Awarded funds will help create and run a Junior Garden program from March to October, designed to engage youth in growing and harvesting their own food and cooking fresh fruits and vegetables.

Awarded funds will help address food security and explain the benefits of gardening for mental health by producing mini pop-up gardens.

Awarded funds will help create a Community Garden to offset increase demand of the food bank and establish a sustainable, long-term and low-cost solution to strengthen the community for years to come.

Awarded funds will help Edson continue their Family Fun Bag program, which supports new parents, families and seniors with activities that promote physical and mental wellness, social connection and the development of social, emotional, cognitive, language and literacy skills. Bags are delivered right to recipients’ doorsteps and include relevant local resources and information. The program has reach approximately 2,500 individuals since it started in March 2020.

Awarded funds will help provide free and accessible outdoor programs, led by trained staff, to support families mentally and physically in fun and active ways through an outdoor active living project.

The BIN-GENIOUS project enables safe access to library resources, with the option for contactless pickup for books and related learning tools, to support parents in the community with teaching and entertaining their children while extracurricular activities are suspended due to the pandemic. Awarded funds will help create bins of a variety of themes that community members can sign out to keep them engaged, learning, reading and exploring new experiences through library materials delivered in a safe way.

Awarded funds will help keep the walking bus program going, which has increased in demand, and ensure appropriate walker coverage for the number of students using the service.

Awarded funds will help support a series of outdoor activities, such as yoga in the park and distanced sing-alongs with actions, that aim to get people moving and reconnecting through nature.

Awarded funds will help support the community need for gardening opportunities, whether at home or within the community, and create space and access to all people regardless of age, financial status, ability or race. The project includes a seed library of vegetable and flower seeds, a series of take-home gardening kits, a series of gardening workshops and additional books for the gardening book collection at the library.

Awarded funds will help build community without gathering or putting on large events by supporting a community garden where neighbours of all ages, including isolated seniors, can work together safely to create a beautiful space and promote physical health and well-being.

Awarded funds will help support a lending library where individuals can borrow equipment, such as cross-country skis, skates, sleds, outdoor games, gardening supplies and crafts, with monthly tutorials.

Awarded funds will help create distancing diamonds around the community. These diamond-shaped, cement gathering spaces, with distanced seating and a planter in the centre, allow community members to safely build social connections and improve mental health.

Awarded funds will support a community garden for community groups and organizations to encourage physical and mental wellness, socialization, cultural knowledge sharing, natural spaces and intergenerational learning. The Town of Strathmore partnered with Communities in Bloom, Strathmore FCSS, the municipal library, Strathmore's Indigenous Liaison and the Happy Gang seniors group to create a collaborative public space to hold COVID-19 friendly programming for a diverse community. Programs are offered at no cost to community members and food will be shared among participants.

Awarded funds will help purchase speakers for the Seniors Link-In Call, which allows anyone in the area to call and participate in educational sessions that are geared toward older adults.

Awarded funds will help create a space where families can play backyard games, like corn hole and ladder golf, with equipment loaned by the library free of charge as part of the Vulcan Kinsmen Frisbee Golf Project and in collaboration with the Kinsmen Club of Vulcan.

Awarded funds will help create take-home Y-Kits that represent the various services the YMCA regularly offers for children, youth, adults and seniors. The kits include a physical activity guide, relevant sports equipment, volunteering referrals and mental health tools such as the YMCA Zen colouring book.


In 2020, we received 156 applications and allocated almost $200,000 to 43 organizations across Alberta.

Awarded funds helped offer weekly activities in January, Febraury and March, such as family skating, snowshoeing, yoga and mindfulness, to allow community members to be active and socialize safely.

Awarded funds helped start an online Zoom hip-hop class for youth, which ran twice a week with a registered dance instructor and gave participants something to look forward to while keeping them healthy and engaged.

Awarded funds helped provide free indoor and outdoor senior fitness programs led by certified instructors.

Awarded funds helped purchase yoga mats and supplies for creating mini greenhouses for the residents.

Awarded funds helped purchase equipment for floorcurl games that allowed seniors to socialize and be active while maintaining safety protocols.

Awarded funds supported digital and online programing for children, youth and families to remain connected for the remainder of 2020 and 2021.

Awarded funds helped renovate and retrofit the club by installing acrylic barriers, social distancing markers, signage and sanitation stations to keep child and youth members, their families and staff safe during reopening.

Awarded funds helped run the children’s summer camps by increasing staffing, cleanliness and sanitization.

Awarded funds helped purchase equipment and create weekly take-home activities for families to support them in active, non-screen, outdoor play with their children during the pandemic.

Awarded funds helped the Association access gyms with ample space that allow for social distancing and provide sanitizing stations and masks for players and spectators.

Awarded funds helped support a day camp program by providing PPE, sanitizers and increased cleaning measures to ensure everyone’s safety.

Awarded funds helped provide memory kits to seniors affected by Alzheimer's and dementia.

Awarded funds supported indoor activities for individuals and families, which included moccasin making kits, dream catcher kits, paints, drawing cards and puzzles.

Awarded funds helped support the community in maintaining their outdoor rink and purchase additional sanitation stations.

Awarded funds helped cover the costs for Elders’ and drummers’ honorariums, a traditional dancers incentive and incentives for young people, and purchase tobacco supplies, a bus driver, fuel, masks, sanitizers, water, snacks and Ziploc bags.

Awarded funds supporting the running of physically distanced, in-person workshops by helping purchase supplies and covering facilitator fees. These workshops offered low-cost and free programming supports to reduce isolation and increase community connection.

Awarded funds supported programming around building resiliency, mentorship, physical activities and creative projects and subsidized summer camp fees for children and youth of low-income families. The Town of Drumheller partnered with local organizations, such as the Family Resource Network, Drumheller Library and the Drumheller Asset Development Coalition.

Awarded funds helped cover costs for speakers and facilitators of free virtual events, hosted by Parent Café, to support individuals facing mental health concerns and isolation during COVID-19 and a Family Fun Bag program, which included pre-planned activities for children, families and seniors in the community.

Awarded funds supported the “Move it up”, which focused on increasing the physical activity of residents in the community.

Awarded funds supported online arts instruction and material packages for local artists, schools, seniors, special needs groups and the general public.

Awarded funds helped purchase equipment, such as balls, art supplies and exercise mats, for summer camps that would have been otherwise supplied by local organizations.

Awarded funds helped support local seniors with puzzles and yarn to make scarfs for the homeless.

Awarded funds helped support outdoor skating options and accommodate more people in outdoor activities.

Awarded funds helped purchase pop-up tents, supplies, crafts, plates, cutlery, water bottles and PPE for the Play in the Park program, which is focused on keeping youth connected to their Indigenous culture and promoting healthy lifestyles and recreation.

Awarded funds helped cover the costs of musicians and artists for community drive-in style concerts and movies to bring a little fun to the community.

Awarded funds helped initiate phase one of a First Nation Pilot Project Men's Group, in which the group learned to hunt, build and train not only themselves but younger generations to come. The group also learned of the land and the ways their ancestor created sustainability.

Awarded funds helped provide summer camp in a box, which were delivered to campers’ doors before camp started. Camps were held online with guided instruction for crafts, activities and learning.

Awarded funds helped purchase tower gardens so the community could grow their own garden and have access to healthy food choices. It also gave the youth and students the opportunity to gain first-hand gardening experience.

Awarded funds helped purchase prepackaged snacks, cleaning supplies and portable speakers and a Bluetooth headset, to help isolated seniors participating in the program hear better.

Awarded funds helped purchase equipment, including tack and safety gear, to rebuild a community rodeo project and bring together local people to create entertainment for tribe citizens.

Awarded funds helped provide PPE for volunteers and facility rentals.

Awarded funds helped purchase new safety equipment for the pool including buoyancy belts, high density noodles, aqua bells and aqua steps.

Awarded funds supported a survival and gardening program for children and youth through the development and posters and social media marketing materials. The program teaches gardening skills, small garden plot and seed transferring, survival camping and cooking, developing cultural skills of building a natural camping site and more.

Awarded funds helped purchase arts, crafts and pop-up tents for the eight-week summer program, which provides mental health prevention support to children, youth and families within the community. Camp themes included humor, communication, setting intentions, gratitude, mindfulness, creativity, self-compassion and growth mindset.

Awarded funds helped support people with addictions with life skills, horticulture therapy and art and music therapy programs at this residential substance abstinence facility.

Awarded funds helped purchase vinyl chairs that could be easily sanitized for the seniors.

Awarded funds helped purchase supplies and discs for a Disc Golf Course, which was provided to the community at no cost.

Awarded funds supported the program in purchasing four laptops to help make virtual workshops more accessible for families who didn’t have the financial means to purchase hardware.

Awarded funds helped purchase masks, hand sanitizers and cleaning supplies needed to continue programming and support the community library.

Awarded funds helped purchase PPE for a summer camp program called The Rotary Totally Unplugged.

Awarded funds helped create a Building Bridges initiative where content was developed, recorded and made accessible virtually to support Indigenous communities. This initiative also included food preparation, Indigenous-led tours, Indigenous walks and teas, plant use and information about animals that were hunted in Bow Valley.

Awarded funds helped cover the cost of PPE, coaching honorariums and staffing of sports programs for disabled people of all ages as they “Return to Play".

Awarded funds helped repurpose and reconfigure the resource centre by purchasing plastic chairs and sanitation products to open its doors safely to the community.

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